Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jazz vs. Suns

Last week Jordan was the lucky winner in our home to attend the Jazz vs. Suns game with his Grandpa Potter  on row 23. Grandpa called and invited Blake, but Blake says maybe I will send Jordan, he has never been before and would love it.  So Blake and Jordan went back and forth for the next day saying " no you go, you would love it, no you go you have never been before" it was so funny. Finally Jordan says "fine you lost,  I am going to go with grandpa" and he did. Uncle Thayne, Aunt Tricia and his cousin Kade also were in attendance that night but were on row 2 of the floor, it was Kade's 12th birthday present from his parents.  They were feed dinner and snacks, Kade was nice and shared with Jordan, lucky him.  Jordan had the time of his life. Jordan decided not to wear his Korver jersey since he was going to be cheering for preferably the suns, but grandpa told him he has to cheer for both if he was going to sit by him ( ha ha).  To Jordan's dismay the Jazz won that night. Jordan likes both teams a lot thought so he was not too disappointed.  Grandpa and Jordan went and did some sight seeing before the game, they went to Temple square, the museum, and some other things.  This is all the pictures I have until grandpa sends me some.