Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas day

Wow what a beautiful day. It snowed all day on Christmas, it was just beautiful. We had a good day.  The boys each got $100 from Blake and I and then 2 small presents and then the Santa gift, santa gave them a plaque.  Jordan got Labron James, and Kiel got Chris Paul.  They were so happy. Kiel says he is going to save his 100 bill, (yah we will see about that), Jordan says he will too ( now I believe that). They are so funny!  Blake and I got stadium chairs and a new Honda Pilot for christmas.  We are happy. We went over to Grandma and Grandpa Chapmans for a huge Christmas dinner, gifts and games.  We had such a good time over there we stayed until 9 p.m.  I can not believe Christmas is over, it is kind of depressing when you look out side and see all the snow and then under the tree all the gifts are gone and your house is a mess, it makes me want to crawl back into bed and stay until January 1st.  Why, i have no idea!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Family party

This year the family party was at Thayne's home again. Thayne and Tricia planned everything and it was so much fun. We missed Troy and Lacey, and Travis, Jennifer and their family this year.  Todd and his family finally made it after a 6 hr. drive from Salt Lake City.  They were 1 hr. behind a 37 car pile up and stuck in traffic.  Todd told us he went 3 miles in 1 hr.  They missed all the games but we were so glad they made it and safely. Grandma and Grandpa gave all of the boys a blanket made by grandma some got their favorite sports team or animals, the girls grandpa drew them all a precious moments picture and the little ones also got an apron made by grandma.  The adults got a Greg Olsen picture of the savior.  It was a nice Christmas for everyone.  We played the bubble gum game to see what team could unwrap the gum and blow the first bubble. We played a matching game that Blake won, we played name that tune, witch the men beat the women ( they were all christmas songs) and the white elephant game.  All of them were very fun. Thanks Tricia for all you hard work and yummy food.  This year as a family we raised money at our family reunion and took all the money to help a family in need in the area.  We provided a Christmas dinner along with gifts for all the kids and the parents.  Dad and Chris put in a little extra as well.  I hope everyone had a good time and a Merry Christmas.

Potter family christmas party

Thursday, December 18, 2008

12 Days of Christmas

This year Blake and I decided to do something a little different. We did the 12 days of christmas to my dad and  Mom (step) and to Blake's grandparents.  It was so fun putting the gifts together and seeing the look on their faces when we dropped off the gifts. This way they can enjoy Christmas a little bit each day.  Here are some pictures of Blake delivering to his grandma and of my Dad and Chris putting on their festive holiday socks.  It is so fun!  We hope to make it a tradition every year.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving was a fun, loud, busy weekend with lots of food.  Here I am making my 1st homemade apple pie, gosh it was sooo yummy.  I canned the apple pie filling this fall.  It was worth it.  We had dinner this year with my family at my Dad's home.  It was yummy food!  After dinner we played games.  We played what we call spoons, and if you do not end up with a spoon you get a letter.  We were spelling monkey, the person who gets monkey 1st has to get on the table and act like that animal.  Well grandma LOST so she had to act like a monkey it was sooo funny.  She is in deed a good loser ( for her 1st time playing that is).  We had a good time.  My sister Lezlie and her family stayed at our home for the weekend we had a good time shopping, playing games, making candy, and all the boys went to the ISU vs BYU mens basketball game in Pocatello on Saturday night.  They had a good time, they loved it.  SO it was a great Holiday weekend for us with not much sleep.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jazz vs. Suns

Last week Jordan was the lucky winner in our home to attend the Jazz vs. Suns game with his Grandpa Potter  on row 23. Grandpa called and invited Blake, but Blake says maybe I will send Jordan, he has never been before and would love it.  So Blake and Jordan went back and forth for the next day saying " no you go, you would love it, no you go you have never been before" it was so funny. Finally Jordan says "fine you lost,  I am going to go with grandpa" and he did. Uncle Thayne, Aunt Tricia and his cousin Kade also were in attendance that night but were on row 2 of the floor, it was Kade's 12th birthday present from his parents.  They were feed dinner and snacks, Kade was nice and shared with Jordan, lucky him.  Jordan had the time of his life. Jordan decided not to wear his Korver jersey since he was going to be cheering for preferably the suns, but grandpa told him he has to cheer for both if he was going to sit by him ( ha ha).  To Jordan's dismay the Jazz won that night. Jordan likes both teams a lot thought so he was not too disappointed.  Grandpa and Jordan went and did some sight seeing before the game, they went to Temple square, the museum, and some other things.  This is all the pictures I have until grandpa sends me some.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Boyz will be Boyz

Family wedding

Isn't this the sweetest picture of Father of the Bride?  She looks beautiful and he looks good sporting his new glasses, they do make him look distinguished, don't you think?  It was so fun to go to the wedding and see all the family and friends.  It was a beautiful wedding. Katie (Kyra's older sister) was the maid of honor ( and boy did she earn that title). I have no idea who the brides maid was, Talia's girls(Alexia's and Marisa) were the flower girls and they were beautiful of course!  Kyra's mom ( pam) made the cake, she always does such a beautiful job. Troy has 3 children married and Karissa is a senior.  What a good looking family.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I have officially been Tagged :)

Thanks to Kari, I have been tagged.

8 things

8 T.V shows I like to watch
1- Sports center 
2- Hannah montana
3- Drake and Josh
4- Zach and Cody
5- Monday night football
6- Dr.Phil
7- CMT
8- Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

8 things that happened yesterday
1-had to set the clocks back 1 hr. ( oh how i hate that)
2-It rained almost all day
3- changed my room around ( Blakes idea)
4- watched football ( I had 11 teams out of 13 win, GO ME!)
5- made Snicker doodles
6- ate pizza
7- watched what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas
8- updated my blog

8 favorite places to eat
1- Texas Road House
2- Olive Garden
3- Jalesicos ( Mexican)
4- Red Lobster
5- Sizzler
6- Arby's
7-Taco Bell
8- I have no idea

8 things I look forward to
1- Being sealed in the temple
2- Seeing my mom again
3- Our 13th anniversary
4- Christmas this year
5- My boys growing into young men
6- Blake and I having a 2nd honeymoon

8 things on my wish list
1- Blake winning the lottery ( because I do not play)
2- going to Chicago
3- going to Hawaii
4- Swimming with a dolphin
5- Jordan and Kiel getting full ride scholorships
6- getting a garage
7- Having one more baby
8- going to school
okay maybe not in that order

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween is always a pain for me.  I am just not into it.  Lucky for me, my boys took after me.  They have never been into dressing up and all that jazz.  The only thing I do is  wear Halloween earings (that I got from my mom) every day until Halloween.  And that I love.  Well this year Kiel dressed up for his school parade and that was it.  He decided to be a clown ( that actually fits his personality to the "T"). At Kiel's school they have a Halloween parade at 2:45 that kicks off their party.  Parents are invited to come and enjoy the parade.  They line the hallways with chairs on both sides and in the gum, at let me tell you it is the event of the season.  Everyone comes out to see these kids dressed up. 
None of Jordan's friends dressed up so he said he didn't want to either. And neither of them wanted to go Trick or Treating so we let a friend come over and they watched movies and had pizza while Blake and I had a date out to dinner and browsing for christmas ideas.  It was a nice date for all of us. However we did miss the Halloween party at grandma and grandpa Potters home this year, they decided not to have it or they didn't have time, we have a lot of fun at that party.  So we look forward to it next year.

Fall is in the air.....

Wow how time flies anymore.  Football is now over, thank goodness!  No it was a lot of fun.  This was Jordan's 1st year on the school team and he loved it.  He tried a new position this year, he played wide receiver and said it was okay.  His coach is not a passing coach so Jordan hardly had any passes thrown to him but he had fun he says.  He had to travel to some far schools.  He traveled to Salmon, and Teton in one week, they are both over 3 hrs away and on a school night.  That week was hard on him but nice to get it over with in one week.
Kiel also played football this year and his 1st year playing tackle,  very different for him and not so sure about it.  He did not have a fair year or coaches but next year will be different so we called this year a learning experience for him and for us.  He played the line and on the special kickoff teams.
 Now with football over we are looking forward to basketball and practicing a lot.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Family reunion in Star Valley Wy.

August 8th-10th we had my Potter family reunion at my sisters in Star Valley Wy.  We had such a good time. We all slept in tents and got wet.  Even though it rained all day Friday and most of Saturday we had lots of fun.  On Saturday we hiked up to Intermitten springs in Afton Wy.  It is the biggest spring in the world and the coldest. It was a easy hike and fun for everyone. IT was nice to all be together and enjoy everyones company.  Out of 8 kids only 2 were not with us this year.  Hope fully they will make it next year. Thanks to Lezlie and Mike for a fun weekend. My family is looking forward to next year all ready.