Monday, April 13, 2009

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail..........

Playing games at Grandma's. Courtney discovered how to blow the middle of an egg out of it's shell without breaking the shell.  Then they decided to play blow the egg around on the table.  I have no idea what to call a bunch of people sitting around a table blowing an egg around!  Any ideas?  Oh well it looks like they had a bunch of fun. Jamie and Aaron came down from Rexburg for the day, it was fun to spend the day with them. $5.00 Oh Yah......

Jordan found his animal
Kiel loves reeses peanut butter cups

Jordan is a closet eater!
Don't tell Mom you found me
eating chocolate in the laundry room!

Happy Easter!  Luckily the Easter bunny hopped on over to our place Saturday night.  We didn't think he was going to make it.  The boys were up until about midnight.  But SURPRISE! he made it.  They were lucky with a $5 bill in their basket and lots of candy. We spent the day over at Blake's grandparents. His grandma Loraine had surgery on her back on friday, so we brought her dinner on Saturday night and on Sunday we cooked and cleaned so she could rest and relax.
We had dinner and then hid the easter eggs for the kids.  They also had a stuffed animal for each of them that they had to find.  Jordan had more fun helping the little boys find their eggs and stuffed animal, and Courtney had fun finding Jordan's stuffed animal for him that we hid harder for him!  Oh well they all had fun, and got lot's of candy.

I found my stuffed Froggie!