Monday, April 6, 2009

My trip to Vegas

My trip to vegas was long but worth it. We left friday morning from Salt Lake at 7 am. It rained or snowed the entire way.  It should have only taken us 6 hrs to get to vegas and it took us almost 71/2 hrs. It was crazy, I am glad I was not driving.  We stopped just outside of Saint George at In & Out burgers for lunch.  That was kind of fun, they were yummy. Friday night was the wedding at the Luxor.  It was a beautiful wedding and Shylee looked so beautiful and happy. Afterwards we went on an interesting drive all around Vegas trying to find the reception area, the directions they gave us were totally wacky, and we were following Travis ( the brides father) and were completely lost it was horrible, but kind of funny. The dinner was very yummy, and lots of fun.
We left the reception and went and walked the strip until about 1am our time in Idaho. It was so cold
and windy my face was frozen.

On Saturday we got up early and started our way down the strip again. We had a yummy breakfast
at the Rainforest in the MGM hotel, were Thayne won $50 on the slot machines, that was a blast!
We totally wore ourselves out on Saturday, we walked up and back and through almost every hotel and shop
We were so tired we did not make it back at night to watch all the shows at Treasure Island or the Volcan
show we did catch the water show at the Belligo that was so beautiful. We just had lots of fun.

Talia and I got our picture with some strippers from the " American Storm " and they gave us free tickets
to their show for that night. Talia I thought was going to faint when she saw these guys on the street
she stopped me and showed me them, I asked her if she wanted her picture with them and she,
no kidding could not even talk to me, she was stumbling her words. So i asked them for her and they said
sure. When they put their arms around her, the look on her face was so funny. It was worth it.
I wanted to go to the show but she would not go with me, what a party popper she is!
Luckily the drive home on Sunday was nice weather. It took us 10 hours, I am beat