Sunday, June 28, 2009

Everything Hits at once

Sometimes I wonder why everything has to hit at once, is it to teach us patience or if that is the way life goes.

Anyways this last 2 weeks has really taught us patience, if that is the word you could use.
4 days before Blake's week vacation started ( he had a week left to use before July 1st when his new vacation starts, if he does not use this week he loses it, not worth losing so he took it) his car just decided to stop in the middle of the road while he was driving it. Go figure right! Well he started working on it over the weekend and on his 1st day of vacation he worked on it and decided he could not fix it. The timing belt broke and blew the engine. How nice........ He towed it to Blackfoot to have the place be bought it from look at it. They said they could fix it for $1,000.00 WOW. Blake and I have always owned Honda's and have never had any of them break down to where he could not fix them, so I guess 1 out of 14 years is not bad, but unexpected. We have been in the process of refinancing our home, it has been over a month of waiting they keep telling us oh next week, or in a couple of days and then something else needs to be evaluated. Our home appraised for enough for us to build a garage ( we are so excited) and now we have to pay $1,000 to fix the car. I hope we have enough for the garage.
And then my dryer was making a noise so Blake tour that apart on Thursday and came to the conclusion that a fan is broken ( that would be why i have to dry my clothes at least 3 times) and needs to be replaced. $30 for a new one. So I am hanging clothes up all around my deck and home, it kind of looks like white trash. How embarrassing. OH well!
Sometimes I just want to scream, Blake keeps telling me it could be worse, I guess he is right about that but still frustrating at this moment. So instead of enjoying his vacation much he has been trying to fix everything that needed fixing or done around the house. Bless his heart, my house was even clean when i came home from work. What a gem he is.
I guess I will keep him around as well. :)