Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bust A Gut..........

Oh being around Kiel is never a dull moment. This kid makes you laugh all the time.

My boys have chores to do everyday. They usually have 2 chores (clean their room, bathroom, and dirty clothes in hallway) that are the same everyday and then i give them a 3rd chore Kiel unload dishwasher, Jordan helps and then loads it. So anyways they earn $1.00 a day if all of these are completed by the time Blake or I get home from work. Not so hard if you ask me. It may be cheap by hey we don't have a lot of money and $5.00 a week is a lot, i think. Anyways so Friday night we went to the Chukars baseball game and Kiel is just like his dad, if he has money in his pocket he has to spend it fast before it burns a hole in his pants. So Kiel chose to spend his money on who knows what and Jordan is a saver ( like me ). So on Saturday we spent the day in town and Jordan wanted some hot cheetos so he decided to get some and Kiel asked for some gum. I said well where is your money? He bows his head and says I spent it all last night. I said well that sucks for you, ( normally i would have just bought him some but i am trying to teach him to spend wisely and not be a impulsive buyer ) so he then goes up to Jordan and asks Jordan if he would buy him some gum. Jordan says well what are you going to do for me? Kiel says well nothing, just be a nice brother and buy me some gum would you? So Jordan does it, but says you have to do something for me.
So i told Kiel the pack of gum if worth one day of chores for Jordan, but he does not have to do Jordan's room for him, but the other chores he has to do for him. Kiel kind of shakes his head at me, all in good standing being funny of corse. Well we get in the car to come home and Kiel says hey Jordan since we are brothers don't i get a brother discount or something? Blake and I laughed so hard at him, it was so funny. Were does he come up with these things?