Saturday, August 22, 2009

Potter Family Reunion 2009Oh Oh

Oh we had so much fun being together as a family. This year was the Potter family bi-annual reunion. My dad being the oldest of 4 children was in charge of putting on the big bash. We held it at Lava Hot Springs and camped at Big Springs Camp area. It was a beautiful area, where we had it all to our selves to enjoy everyones company.

Everyone, i believe swam to their heart content or until they were so sun-burned that they had to stop out of misery. Everyone had fun seeing who were the bigger chickens (or in my eyes the smart ones) to jump off a 33ft. platform or the 2nd one (25ft) and the 1st one is (17ft). They had lots of fun trying that out. The next family gathering will be in 2 years wherever my Aunt Nan and Uncle Jack decide. Can't wait to see everyone again.