Thursday, January 8, 2009

The waiting is over............

Jordan is a "Panther".  He had tryouts for 7th grade basketball the week before Christmas, and surprise he made the team!  Blake and I were so proud of him and very excited.  Now the fun begins, making sure he had good enough grades the Friday before games, practices and driving to all the away games!  HOW EXCITING!  Actually if any of you know us very well you will know that we really are excited and can not wait.  This is what Blake and I live for is to watch our boys have fun and play sports.
Well the 1st week of practice Jordan's best friend and also a guard went sledding and guess what?  Yup, broke his arm.  We were shocked, for one if you are on the school team you do not go skiing or sledding in the winter for that reason.  maybe I know that because I grew up as a coach's daughter and my whole family played sports, you just do not do things like that.  Well the coach wasn't too happy, for this boy was backup to Jordan.  So when Jordan goes out for a rest he has no one to put in as shooting guard.  Well tonight Jordan had a practice game and what does he do, he thinks he should go in and help rebound and rolls his ankle.  I thought Blake and his coach were going to lose control.  Luckily it is not bad and with some ice should be fine for practice tomorrow.  The whole way home Blake told Jordan " you do not rebound, you are a guard you stay out from under the basket see what happens when you go inside to rebound?  let the bigger guys get the ball"  poor Jordan!  Any ways he is doing better.
At school this week they had the hoop shoot contest and Jordan won for the 12 and 13 yrs old.  He made 18 out of 25.  Kiel won for his class but they have not finished the whole 4th grade yet so we will find out tomorrow if he wins.  Jordan goes to Blackfoot for the finals this Saturday.  Keep your fingers crossed for him.  He made it last year as well but Blackfoot told us the wrong date so we missed the finals, we were so mad.  So we wish him luck this year.  :)