Sunday, May 31, 2009

lots of fun on Memorial Weekend

What a weekend! Earlier in the week my Dad turned 70, all of us kids just called him and acted like no big deal.  Well on Saturday we threw him a surprise party.  His younger brother and sister came from Utah to be in on the surprise.  And surprise it was,  my dad has never had a surprise party before and he was so excited and grateful. We all had a good time and yummy food.
Here is Jordan and Kiel with their grandpa.

On Monday we kicked off the Summer with our annual Chapman hot dog roast.  It was nice weather and lots of yummy food.
Here is a picture of my mothers headstone.  Every year my dad buys a new precious moments and glues it on her headstone in remembrance of her.  She collected precious moments so he decided to continue it for her.  No one has ever bothered them to took any off.  It is so neat and something us kids look forward to every year to see what one he picks  every year.  this year was for the boys.  It is neat, and the grandkids love it.
He is 70, boy he does not look it or act it. This year on his birthday he was finishing a big job of concrete.  Do you know anyone who is 70 and still does concrete work?  AMAZING!

This is everyone (almost) who showed up for the grand event. On Sunday morning Dad and Chris made dutch oven breakfast for everyone and then we went to the grave.  So we were busy all weekend.  It was fun.  We love everyone and thanks for making it a great weekend.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


SHE DID IT! Congratulations  Karissa............ She is absolutely beautiful.  We were lucky enough to be able to attend my nieces graduation.  And it turned it nicely and it was fast 1hr and 5 min.  WOW! 
Katie and Liberty having fun at the graduation.  Liberty and Karissa share the same birthday.  May 28th Liberty will the BIG #1 and aunt Karissa will be the BIG 18. and gets to go to
Romania to spend time with her dad.  What a graduation gift.
have fun Rissa, we love you!

Kiel's baseball game

Oh how I love baseball season, except for the weather that is.
Here is Kiel's 1st game of the season. Blake was lucky enough to have to umpire this game so he could watch Kiel play.  Kiel got to pitch to close the game, and close he did.  He got 3 up 3 down.  Blake was a little nervous because he did not want to look like he was favoring Kiel but, no problem with that this kid of ours can throw and has good aim.  He was so excited, he struck out one of his good friends that is pretty competitive with Kiel. They won the game.  GOOD JOB BUD!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busy May

Wow What a busy  Month May has been so far, it will only get crazier this next week for us.
Mother's day was just another day, good thing I have an amazing grandmother that makes it special for all of us moms.  She always goes all out.  We had a big dinner, yummy dessert, good company and Blake doing the cleaning and dishes ( I had to post a picture so you all would believe me, and I could remember it always ). My nieces Katie ( and her daughter Liberty ) and Karissa came and joined us, it was nice to visit with them.  Liberty is just so cute, and fun it was a nice visit.

Blake bought a new toy, as you can see it kept him and the boys occupied for many hours the other day.  Then it was time to re-paint the basketball court.  This year Blake wanted to add the jumpman symbol to it, so he spent some time to cut it out and paint it on the court.  It was a nice finish!  Mylie ( our cat ) decided it wanted to add to the finishing touches and so we have some paw prints on our court.  I am sure you know how that made Blake feel!

Friday, May 1, 2009

blogging has become boring........

For some reason everyone has gone to facebook and has forgotten about staying in touch through blogging.  I for one love blogging and check everyones blog for updates only to be rebuked.  

Life around the Chapman's has gotten crazy.  Jordan has started Babe Ruth baseball and has practice every night from 6:30-8:30.  So I kind of enjoy 2 hrs  a night to myself.  Blake coaches and Kiel goes with them to play as well.  I have kept myself busy with working out, reading and cooking dinner.  But none the less it is down time for me.  :)  Love it!
Kiel has started baseball as well but he has practice after school.  I can not wait for their games to start.
IT SUCKS, MAY I ADD SUCKS! Having new neighbors.  I keep (after 2 months) looking across the street looking for Deonne to be outside mowing or working in the garden, and all i see is a bunch of old trailers, junk, trucks, junk out in the yard.  It is not fun.  And no one to talk to.  I guess Blake and I will become hermits again.
 Jordan is getting excited for the end of this month he gets to go to The Grand Canyon with my Dad and his 3 cousins for a week.  he is nervous and excited.  He is not looking forward to the long, long, long drive in the car but looking forward to being with his grandpa and cousins.
And also about school almost being out for the summer.  Ugh, but I am happy for them, they need some fun times ahead.