Monday, February 23, 2009

Kiel turns the big #10

Kiel celebrated his 10th birthday on the same day Michael Jordan celebrated his 46th. Yup, thats right, Kiel and Michael have the same birthday, and there is not a year that goes by that Kiel likes to remind his older brother of this fact. This was actually the 1st year Kiel has had to go to school on his birthday since kindergarten.  Since presidents day is the day before he has always missed school.  He is in the 4th grade this year, and I felt so bad for him, he called me when he got home from school and I asked him how his day went and he said" just like any other day", and I said "Oh how is that?" "nothing great happened today!"  I asked if anyone said happy birthday or anything, and he said "no, no one knew it was my birthday, they could care less"  I felt so bad for him I almost started crying for him.  But come to find out for some reason they sang to him on Friday, why?  I have no idea. Oh well he survived it.

Here are some pictures of Kiel opening his presents with the Chapmans. Here he got a Chris Paul jersey, high school musical 3 ( he does look a little overely excited about this one), he got pistachios from great grandpa-ma Chapman,(he tells us they are his favorite), and he got lots of money as well as candy.
Here he got a tiger from Grandma-pa Chapman with a gift card hooked onto it.

He got NFL fantasy football monopoly game from Grandpa-ma Potter.  they could not make his party that night so they dropped off his present.  Here we are playing it as a family, we had so much fun that we played it for 3 hrs on sunday night.  We are hoping we played it right! It was fun!  So he tells us he had a good birthday.  He ended up with $65, we asked him what he is going to do with it (since he has his fathers mentality, if he has it, he spends it without thinking about it) he says he is saving it for Boise.  Blake and the boys are going to Boise next weekend for Firth Boys State basketball with my dad (grandpa Potter) again this year.  They had so much fun last year, that they are going back again.  So Kiel wants to save his money for that. Some times they do surprise you!  I just can't wait to see what he brings home from Boise, that he bought with his own money.  Remember his Dad is going with him!  This should be interesting to see.