Friday, May 1, 2009

blogging has become boring........

For some reason everyone has gone to facebook and has forgotten about staying in touch through blogging.  I for one love blogging and check everyones blog for updates only to be rebuked.  

Life around the Chapman's has gotten crazy.  Jordan has started Babe Ruth baseball and has practice every night from 6:30-8:30.  So I kind of enjoy 2 hrs  a night to myself.  Blake coaches and Kiel goes with them to play as well.  I have kept myself busy with working out, reading and cooking dinner.  But none the less it is down time for me.  :)  Love it!
Kiel has started baseball as well but he has practice after school.  I can not wait for their games to start.
IT SUCKS, MAY I ADD SUCKS! Having new neighbors.  I keep (after 2 months) looking across the street looking for Deonne to be outside mowing or working in the garden, and all i see is a bunch of old trailers, junk, trucks, junk out in the yard.  It is not fun.  And no one to talk to.  I guess Blake and I will become hermits again.
 Jordan is getting excited for the end of this month he gets to go to The Grand Canyon with my Dad and his 3 cousins for a week.  he is nervous and excited.  He is not looking forward to the long, long, long drive in the car but looking forward to being with his grandpa and cousins.
And also about school almost being out for the summer.  Ugh, but I am happy for them, they need some fun times ahead.