Monday, January 12, 2009

Hoop Shoot 21 out of 25

Jordan made the finals for hoop shoot in Firth he made 18 out of 25, so he was sent to Blackfoot this last Saturday.  Blake was unable to go with us he had to coach Kiel's team, so Jordan and his friend Conner and myself went to Blackfoot.  Jordan was so nervous he has never been here before.  He made it last year but they told Firth and Shelley the wrong date so we missed it and they would not redo it for us.  So this is the 1st time he made it.  Conner went down and warmed up with him.  They got started and as I was watching I got more nervous for him.  The 1st round he made 7 out of 10.  The kid before him was from Shelley and he made 8 out of 10.  Jordan shows no emotion what so ever and they do not tell the kids how many each kid makes so they have no idea where they are at.  They get to the 2nd round and the kid in front of Jordan made 11 out of 15.  Jordan is next and he made 7 in a row then he missed one then he made 5 and was tied with the Shelley kid, Conner and I were about to lose control.  Because you have to be so quite you can not say anything at all.  So here we are keeping score and freaking out he is tied.  The other boys were not competition at all.  So Jordan really needed to make the next 2 shots to win.  He made the next one and they say last shot, he sinks it no problem the relief on his face was so funny I could not help to laugh.  The parents from Shelley kind of gave me a dirty look because they knew he won.  Well Jordan gets done they tell them to go sit in the stands until the girl's finish.  Jordan comes and sits down and says very quietly how did I do?  I said you made 21 out of 25, he says what about the Fredrickson  kid from Shelley I said 19 out of 25 he says YES! But mom I am nervous what if they messed up on my score? ( This happened 2 years ago in Firth with Jordan and his best friend Mason, Jordan won by 1 point and they gave it to Mason so Jordan lost, we were so mad but could do nothing about it) I said well buddy that is not something we can fix, lets just see what happens.  Well when it was time to announce the boys they said " 1st place boys goes to Tyler Fredrickson with 19 out of, Oh wait a minute excuse me it goes to Jordan Chapman with 21 out of 25"  I thought we were going to die for a minute both Jordan and I held our breath the parents from Shelley had the shock look on their face and then they said Jordan.  He had a big smile on his face he was so happy.  He did it!  He know goes back to blackfoot on January 24th for District.  We will keep you all updated on his progress.  He also has his first game against Shelley tomorrow. 


Jordan being presented with 1st place with 21 out of 25.

Jordan is warming up for the hoop shoot. His friend Conner is helping him get ready.