Saturday, August 22, 2009

Potter Family Reunion 2009Oh Oh

Oh we had so much fun being together as a family. This year was the Potter family bi-annual reunion. My dad being the oldest of 4 children was in charge of putting on the big bash. We held it at Lava Hot Springs and camped at Big Springs Camp area. It was a beautiful area, where we had it all to our selves to enjoy everyones company.

Everyone, i believe swam to their heart content or until they were so sun-burned that they had to stop out of misery. Everyone had fun seeing who were the bigger chickens (or in my eyes the smart ones) to jump off a 33ft. platform or the 2nd one (25ft) and the 1st one is (17ft). They had lots of fun trying that out. The next family gathering will be in 2 years wherever my Aunt Nan and Uncle Jack decide. Can't wait to see everyone again.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bust A Gut..........

Oh being around Kiel is never a dull moment. This kid makes you laugh all the time.

My boys have chores to do everyday. They usually have 2 chores (clean their room, bathroom, and dirty clothes in hallway) that are the same everyday and then i give them a 3rd chore Kiel unload dishwasher, Jordan helps and then loads it. So anyways they earn $1.00 a day if all of these are completed by the time Blake or I get home from work. Not so hard if you ask me. It may be cheap by hey we don't have a lot of money and $5.00 a week is a lot, i think. Anyways so Friday night we went to the Chukars baseball game and Kiel is just like his dad, if he has money in his pocket he has to spend it fast before it burns a hole in his pants. So Kiel chose to spend his money on who knows what and Jordan is a saver ( like me ). So on Saturday we spent the day in town and Jordan wanted some hot cheetos so he decided to get some and Kiel asked for some gum. I said well where is your money? He bows his head and says I spent it all last night. I said well that sucks for you, ( normally i would have just bought him some but i am trying to teach him to spend wisely and not be a impulsive buyer ) so he then goes up to Jordan and asks Jordan if he would buy him some gum. Jordan says well what are you going to do for me? Kiel says well nothing, just be a nice brother and buy me some gum would you? So Jordan does it, but says you have to do something for me.
So i told Kiel the pack of gum if worth one day of chores for Jordan, but he does not have to do Jordan's room for him, but the other chores he has to do for him. Kiel kind of shakes his head at me, all in good standing being funny of corse. Well we get in the car to come home and Kiel says hey Jordan since we are brothers don't i get a brother discount or something? Blake and I laughed so hard at him, it was so funny. Were does he come up with these things?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer Clips

We are off and starting another year of baseball this year. Jordan is playing in the Babe-Ruth league in Idaho Falls this year, and Blake of course will be coaching again. He loves it! Jordan played 2nd base all season and did an awesome job at it. His team only lost 1 game all year long and took 3rd place in the end of the year tournament. Blake was way excited to do so well the 1st year in the league. The beginning of the season they put Firth in the JV league and they killed every team, so they were to put us in the varsity league the 2nd half of the season and messed up and didn't do that, so we stayed JV the whole season. Well when tournament time came they all decided that Firth was too good to stay JV for tournament and put us in the Varsity, so we ended up taking 3rd. It was good for the boys to have a winning season and go into tournament and take 3rd. Jordan had fun and learned a lot. He was the only one on the team that was a consistent hitter all season. WAY TO GO BUD!!!!
Here is Kiel pitching in his 1st All-Star tournament in St. Anthony. He got chosen to be on 2 different All-Star teams this year. Kiel played 3rd base and Pitcher throughout the season for his team this year and in the All-Stars. He is more at home on the mound though!

This year for the 4th we decided to get away and go to Island Park for the weekend with Blake's
family and grandparents. It was so much fun and relaxing. It was a hot weekend and the water felt good.
Blake enjoying the lakeside view, while Jordan and Kiel decide who is going to take a swim, i think Jordan won!~~

Kiel and Courtney ( Kiel's cousin) on a tube ride with water splashing in their face.

Saturday afternoon before the fireworks we took a drive to Big Springs to see the fish, we got eaten alive by mosquitos so we left really fast. Up above we are all waiting for the parade to start. They had a parade around the Island early Saturday morning, my boys ended up with a bag 1/2 full of candy. It was a really nice day full of festivities.

The Chapman reunion was held in the middle of July this year at Grandma & Grandpa's place. We started off the reunion with a hotdog roast at our home on Friday night. It was fun to all sit around the campfire roasting hotdogs and laughing. We had all kinds of fun! Lots of food, laughter, and games. Volleyball is always a big hit in the heat, and the kids played some water games with grandpa Blaine getting in the middle of it.

Kiel was chosen to be on a Firth All-Star team this year, they played in Blackfoot and did awesome. Kiel pitched 2 games holding the 1st team to only 2 points, and bringing Firth their 1st win of the tournament. The 2nd game he pitched he held the other team to only 4 points, and Firth another win. Kiel did awesome, and he enjoyed every minute of it. He had a couple of nice hits with a 3 RBI's, and some nice playes and catches for his team.

This summer we are lucky enough to be building a garage, FINALLY! We have only been waiting for 10 years for one. It has taken us longer then we had thought, but we are happy to get it done. Here is my brother Troy ( who flew all the way from Romaina to help us with it ), Blake and Kiel. Troy and Blake are teaching Kiel how to work! lol :) I will be posting more pictures soon of the progress on the garage. As we are all so excited for it. We also have Ben Mackowiak ( Blake's cousin), Blaine ( Blake's dad ) Ted ( My dad ) and Jeff ( Blake's brother in law ) all giving their time to help us build this monster of a building. Thanks to all of you for your help we really appreciate all your hard work and time.
Summer is going by so fast we don't have enough time to do all that we plan to do, but we have had lots of fun doing all that we have so far. The end of July we are planning our big potter reunion that we can not wait for, we are so excited. Have a happy and safe summer.