Saturday, January 24, 2009

January Recap

This is a recap of January. (It is all backwards on how I wanted it, but I do not want to fix it.  So enjoy a little crazyness). It is only the 24th of January and Blake and I feel like it has been 3 months since New Years Eve.  We have had a busy month with birthdays, basketball, and hoop shoots.
We had District hoop shoot in Blackfoot ( 12 miles south of Firth) for Jordan. He made 19 out of 25 and won 1st place. 2nd and 3rd place tied with 18, they had a shoot out.  We are so proud of Jordan and very surprised he won with 19, last time he got 21 out of 25.  So now he goes to State in Blackfoot again, on Feb. 7th. Blake and I are very proud of both of our boys.
Then Kiel's basketball started for the year.  Kiel is #13 with the ball.  He is having so much fun and loving every minute of it.  He loves learning from his older brother, but that does not mean he takes the advice very well.
Then we had Jordan's season start for basketball. This is his second game at South Fremont. They lost the first game at Shelley and they beat South Fremont by 1 point. Then they played Teton and beat them by 8 points, and lost to Sugar in over-time. They are 2-4.  His coach said they are on a winning streak! Jordan is having a lot of fun. I am not sure if you can see him good enough, he is at the top of the 3 point line in the blue with out the ball.
We started January out with a bang, we had New Year's then Jordan's hoop shoot then we had Blake's 33rd birthday. We celebrated by going out to eat at his favorite place, RED LOBSTER of course! He loves to get the King Crab, then the next day we had cake and ice cream with his family and then on Monday we had my dad and Chris over for dinner and peach cobbler (peaches that i canned this fall).  So we basically parted all weekend for his birthday, it was a lot of fun. Then his dad's birthday is 3 days after his, so we had cake and ice cream again.  His grandpa's is on the 1st, so we pretty much party all month long.