Sunday, May 31, 2009

lots of fun on Memorial Weekend

What a weekend! Earlier in the week my Dad turned 70, all of us kids just called him and acted like no big deal.  Well on Saturday we threw him a surprise party.  His younger brother and sister came from Utah to be in on the surprise.  And surprise it was,  my dad has never had a surprise party before and he was so excited and grateful. We all had a good time and yummy food.
Here is Jordan and Kiel with their grandpa.

On Monday we kicked off the Summer with our annual Chapman hot dog roast.  It was nice weather and lots of yummy food.
Here is a picture of my mothers headstone.  Every year my dad buys a new precious moments and glues it on her headstone in remembrance of her.  She collected precious moments so he decided to continue it for her.  No one has ever bothered them to took any off.  It is so neat and something us kids look forward to every year to see what one he picks  every year.  this year was for the boys.  It is neat, and the grandkids love it.
He is 70, boy he does not look it or act it. This year on his birthday he was finishing a big job of concrete.  Do you know anyone who is 70 and still does concrete work?  AMAZING!

This is everyone (almost) who showed up for the grand event. On Sunday morning Dad and Chris made dutch oven breakfast for everyone and then we went to the grave.  So we were busy all weekend.  It was fun.  We love everyone and thanks for making it a great weekend.