Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why I only have 2 boys!!!!

Well this week has been interesting enough.  Every year firth high school's boys basketball coach puts on a camp for 3rd-8th grade boys.  My sister lives in Star Valley Wy. and has 2 boys close to the same age as my boys.  So every year she sends her boys to come and stay with me to go to the camp, and it was this week.

It is not so bad during the day as all the boys are at camp all day long until 4 pm.  And then usually they have baseball every night to keep them even more busy and gets them really tired, or so I thought :)  This week went relatively well until the rain set in and cancelled all the baseball games, then i had to think of what to make for dinner or how to entertain them :(

Well Wednesday night my brother called and asked if his son could stay over as well, I said sure why not.  I had 5 boys stuck in my small home on a rainy night.  What to do?  So Blake decided we have a movie night, they picked Open Season, if you have not seen that you need to watch it.  It is so funny, those boys (even Blake) laughed and laughed.

Anyways the moral of my story is, I have not picked up more dirty underwear or socks in my entire life! and my house stunk so bad and I cooked more food to feed any army or so I thought again! But i hope they all had fun, and enjoyed their stay at the Chapman Hotel. My house is now quite and semi clean and smells like lemon.  AHHHHH!

I love that my nephews love coming and staying at my home.  It is fun and good memories.
love you all!