Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving was a fun, loud, busy weekend with lots of food.  Here I am making my 1st homemade apple pie, gosh it was sooo yummy.  I canned the apple pie filling this fall.  It was worth it.  We had dinner this year with my family at my Dad's home.  It was yummy food!  After dinner we played games.  We played what we call spoons, and if you do not end up with a spoon you get a letter.  We were spelling monkey, the person who gets monkey 1st has to get on the table and act like that animal.  Well grandma LOST so she had to act like a monkey it was sooo funny.  She is in deed a good loser ( for her 1st time playing that is).  We had a good time.  My sister Lezlie and her family stayed at our home for the weekend we had a good time shopping, playing games, making candy, and all the boys went to the ISU vs BYU mens basketball game in Pocatello on Saturday night.  They had a good time, they loved it.  SO it was a great Holiday weekend for us with not much sleep.