Friday, April 17, 2009

A teenager in the house!

Wow, where have the last 13 years gone!  I can not believe Jordan is  13 years old already.  I have a teenager, I believe I will be in denial for the next 5 years at least. 
Jordan I believe had a good birthday.  He has decide again to change the colors of his room.  He now wants to do North Carolina colors. So I will be painting his room again!  He got a NC trash can filled with his favorite, HOT CHEETOS from his aunt Melaine. He got money, Nike clothes, and a gift card for ITUNES and mom and Dad gave him a IPOD video nano, North Carolina Championship shirt, and North Carolina banner.  I would say he had a good birthday.  Oh yah and Kiel gave him his favorite candy bar COOKIES AND CREAM HERSEY.  
I can not believe how time flies while your raising kids!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail..........

Playing games at Grandma's. Courtney discovered how to blow the middle of an egg out of it's shell without breaking the shell.  Then they decided to play blow the egg around on the table.  I have no idea what to call a bunch of people sitting around a table blowing an egg around!  Any ideas?  Oh well it looks like they had a bunch of fun. Jamie and Aaron came down from Rexburg for the day, it was fun to spend the day with them. $5.00 Oh Yah......

Jordan found his animal
Kiel loves reeses peanut butter cups

Jordan is a closet eater!
Don't tell Mom you found me
eating chocolate in the laundry room!

Happy Easter!  Luckily the Easter bunny hopped on over to our place Saturday night.  We didn't think he was going to make it.  The boys were up until about midnight.  But SURPRISE! he made it.  They were lucky with a $5 bill in their basket and lots of candy. We spent the day over at Blake's grandparents. His grandma Loraine had surgery on her back on friday, so we brought her dinner on Saturday night and on Sunday we cooked and cleaned so she could rest and relax.
We had dinner and then hid the easter eggs for the kids.  They also had a stuffed animal for each of them that they had to find.  Jordan had more fun helping the little boys find their eggs and stuffed animal, and Courtney had fun finding Jordan's stuffed animal for him that we hid harder for him!  Oh well they all had fun, and got lot's of candy.

I found my stuffed Froggie!

Monday, April 6, 2009

My trip to Vegas

My trip to vegas was long but worth it. We left friday morning from Salt Lake at 7 am. It rained or snowed the entire way.  It should have only taken us 6 hrs to get to vegas and it took us almost 71/2 hrs. It was crazy, I am glad I was not driving.  We stopped just outside of Saint George at In & Out burgers for lunch.  That was kind of fun, they were yummy. Friday night was the wedding at the Luxor.  It was a beautiful wedding and Shylee looked so beautiful and happy. Afterwards we went on an interesting drive all around Vegas trying to find the reception area, the directions they gave us were totally wacky, and we were following Travis ( the brides father) and were completely lost it was horrible, but kind of funny. The dinner was very yummy, and lots of fun.
We left the reception and went and walked the strip until about 1am our time in Idaho. It was so cold
and windy my face was frozen.

On Saturday we got up early and started our way down the strip again. We had a yummy breakfast
at the Rainforest in the MGM hotel, were Thayne won $50 on the slot machines, that was a blast!
We totally wore ourselves out on Saturday, we walked up and back and through almost every hotel and shop
We were so tired we did not make it back at night to watch all the shows at Treasure Island or the Volcan
show we did catch the water show at the Belligo that was so beautiful. We just had lots of fun.

Talia and I got our picture with some strippers from the " American Storm " and they gave us free tickets
to their show for that night. Talia I thought was going to faint when she saw these guys on the street
she stopped me and showed me them, I asked her if she wanted her picture with them and she,
no kidding could not even talk to me, she was stumbling her words. So i asked them for her and they said
sure. When they put their arms around her, the look on her face was so funny. It was worth it.
I wanted to go to the show but she would not go with me, what a party popper she is!
Luckily the drive home on Sunday was nice weather. It took us 10 hours, I am beat

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!

It was a good day. Kiel got right up and wished me a happy birthday with a hug.  He is such a sweet little boy. I told him I was going tanning and would be right back, he was so excited because he wanted to make me breakfast.  Gosh now i was excited, so I hurried  home, when I got back he made me a fried egg, toast and a glass of milk, he also made Jordan breakfast as well and he cleaned up the mess. Then later on I surprised them with the news that they get to make my birthday cake for me.  Needless to say Kiel was thrilled, while Jordan not so much.  But he did a good job and it turned out nicely, and yummy.  Strawberry shortcake, yummy!  Blake called all his family and my dad, Chris, Thayne and Kade showed up as well.  It was a goon day.  I got lots of money to spend in Vegas and a full body massage coming from my hubby ( the best gift ever, if I ever receive it ha ha).  

The boys making my cake and eating the batter as they go.

Jordan mixing up my birthday cake against his wishes! But he was sweet to do it for me.

Oh I just love birthdays, aren't these just beautiful? 

These flowers were given to me by my visiting teachers from my church.  Oh my goodness they are so beautiful and smell up my whole house.  I love tulips!  I just hope I do not kill them, if you know me at all you will know I do not have a green thumb.

I leave for Salt lake in the morning, and then leave for vegas on Friday morning, the nerves are setting in.  I hate leaving my family behind and it is soo far to go.  I know everything will be alright but as a mother I get nervous.  But I am a little excited it should be fun.