Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Day!

Today for the fun of it is going to be my HAPPY DAY!!!!

I am going to happy, excited, outgoing, funny and smiling all day long. Wanna see?
I am going to do something nice for someone and make someone smile today.
I just want to be happy and have a good day. So if you are reading this I hope this makes you smile and if you do something nice for someone or make someone smile, please leave a comment.

Thanks and have a happy WEDNESDAY.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Football Season coming to an end!!!

I am torn between being excited and sad to see football coming to an end.

Jordan has grown so much this season, it has been so much fun to see him come out of his shell and be real aggressive this year and have so much fun. He played wide receiver, and safety.
Last night he played his last season game at home. It was raining, snowing and blowing and was like 33 degrees. It was so cold! The first kick off of the game went right to Jordan, he picked it up and ran it back for the 1st touchdown of the game ( yah Jordan ). He also scored 2 more touchdown's in the 4th quarter. He had an awesome game. They had to score over 30 points, and keep the opponents scoreless to make it into the playoffs. The score was 36 to 0.
Kiel also played his last season game last night and did awesome. Kiel plays line, ( and doesn't love it!) But he had some nice blocks and tackles. It is hard to get him to be excited and to do something. He played a lot in this game. He doesn't have much excitement in his game to talk about yet, but we try to encourage him to hit hard and be aggressive. Needless to say they lost and will have 1 playoff game no matter what, if they win or lose it does not matter, they will be done. Kiel is very excited about this. I would have to say he is ready to be done. He says it means basketball is around the corner.