Thursday, May 21, 2009


SHE DID IT! Congratulations  Karissa............ She is absolutely beautiful.  We were lucky enough to be able to attend my nieces graduation.  And it turned it nicely and it was fast 1hr and 5 min.  WOW! 
Katie and Liberty having fun at the graduation.  Liberty and Karissa share the same birthday.  May 28th Liberty will the BIG #1 and aunt Karissa will be the BIG 18. and gets to go to
Romania to spend time with her dad.  What a graduation gift.
have fun Rissa, we love you!

Kiel's baseball game

Oh how I love baseball season, except for the weather that is.
Here is Kiel's 1st game of the season. Blake was lucky enough to have to umpire this game so he could watch Kiel play.  Kiel got to pitch to close the game, and close he did.  He got 3 up 3 down.  Blake was a little nervous because he did not want to look like he was favoring Kiel but, no problem with that this kid of ours can throw and has good aim.  He was so excited, he struck out one of his good friends that is pretty competitive with Kiel. They won the game.  GOOD JOB BUD!