Friday, February 20, 2009

What have the Chapman's been up to?

Well we have been pretty busy doing a whole lot of nuttin. Both of the boys are still in basketball and having lots of fun. They both had reports going at the same time.  Jordan had to write one on John Quincy Adams, and thank goodness we are done with that one, and he had to make a stupid puppet of him. How stupid is that?  Kiel has one for Idaho History due next week.  So I have been really busy helping both of them get their reports typed and written so they make sense and readable ( that is a bigger job then you think, try reading Kiel's writing, let alone Jordan's ). Kiel has had a lot of fun the past week at school.  He had all in one day a Valentine's party, 100 days of school party where they watched The Fox and the Hound, and cupcakes for his birthday, all in 1 day.  Wow, what a day!  I will post pictures from Kiel's birthday tomorrow when I down load pictures.  So stay posted.
Jordan had his first school dance last friday, WoW, a little much for mom to handle.  Blake and I talked to him the night before about dancing with girls and the rules and how to never turn a girl down and then dance with the next girl. He was so embarrassed just talking about it.  He said don't worry mom I will just stand on the sides against the wall and dance with no one!  Well some of the teachers paired him up with some girls to dance with, one being the teachers daughter.  Jordan said he about died from embarrassment, Blake and I would have loved to seen that.  He did say he had fun though, so that is good, at least if didn't scare him away!
Well our dear friends, adopted parents and grandparents across the street are leaving us next weekend to move to Idaho Falls.  blake and I are just devastated over this turn of events.  We are so worried about who is going to be our new neighbors it just kills us.  We always thought they would be across the street for ever.  They keep an eye on us and our kids and we just love them to death.  It will be a very long hard week for us in this house hold.  But we love them and wish them well on their journey in Idaho falls.

Other then that boring stuff that is about all we have going on here.  Oh yah, we have been glued to the t.v on Tuesday and Wed. nights. AMERICAN IDOL is back on, we are huge fans of that show and love to watch it every week.  We can not wait for it.