Thursday, January 21, 2010

And the fun has started.................

Well as you most know we live for Basketball season in our home. Kiel has started off the Jazz season with his dad as the coach. He had his 1st game last week with the stands full of Grandma-pa Chapman, Aunt Angie, Courtney and Nate, Uncle Troy and Lacey, cousin Kyra, Josh, karrissa and Chauncey. Gosh he had a cheering crowd for him, and Kiel loved every minute of it. He did awesome as guard and had 4 points. His team won my 12 points, what a game!

Jordan started his season this last Tuesday also with his dad being the assistant 7th and 8th grade boys Coach. Jordan plays on the 8th grade team. His game was against Shelley at home, Jordan had the 1st 7 points of the game, he was on fire the 1st guarter and then they started double teaming him, he ended up with 17 points though. He did awesome, although they lost by 7 i am sure they will win when they play at Shelley next Tuesday, hopefully!

They both had tons of fun and love to play the game, it is so much fun to watch both them grow and have fun.