Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Only 9 days until I am in Vegas for my 1st time.  And only 6 days until my birthday.  Holy Cow! I think I will be 31, I am an old girl!

 I am going to Vegas for my niece's wedding on April 3rd. I am riding with my Dad and Mom.  Blake is unable to go do to his vacation days.  So he told me to just go ahead.  My brother Thayne is riding with us and Tanya and Talia (both my sisters) are meeting us in Vegas.  It will be a fast trip but fun.  I am really excited, but disappointed Blake won't be with me.  


Normal life, What is that?

Well basketball is finally done. Blake says we can finally go back to our normal lives, and I asked him if he remembers what that actually is, his comment was "not really but I do know it is boring".  Well there you have it, that is our lives.

 Jordan and Kiel both had basketball tournaments this last week end.  Jordan had a 7th grade tourny. in Shelley that Blake helped with. They didn't do too well but had lots of fun and a great experience for next year.

Kiel had a tournament in Firth for 5th graders and since he is only in the 4th grade they wanted him to play up, so we let him.  His team went undeafeted and he had so much fun, he is just more excited that they beat Shelley (our biggest rival ). So with these two boys we spent all night Thursday, Friday and all day Saturday watching basketball.  We are officially sick of it.  You all probably never thought that was possible.

Well unlucky for Blake he has been asked to coach the 7th grade Babe Ruth baseball ( like he has every year), so he has this week only off until baseball starts next week. I do not think we ever get a break from sports.  The head high school football coach came and asked him to coach the 8th grade football for this coming fall.  That is one sport Blake has never had anything to do with, and told him so hoping he will get out of that one.  GOOD LUCK!

Any way we are off to baseball season in one week, Kiel will start in about 1 month.

Happy Spring to all of you!!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

Okay, so my home goes from being loud, messy, and full to being quite, still, empty, clean, and lonely this week.  Blake and the boys headed out yesterday morning to Boise for Firth State basketball until Saturday night.  I stayed home to work and relax. (how stupid of me) I am walking around my home thinking what should I do, maybe i should clean out drawers or closets, or maybe cupboards, or maybe sit down with a good book and relax.  Well reading won of course, why should I clean when they are off playing and eating out. Am I right or am I right?  I feel like I am right.  Maybe the house will get clean by Saturday night, maybe!

Have a happy go lucky day, and do something crazy today:)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Love, Laughter, and a full house

What is better then a full house of family? Nothing! So, with a full house this weekend, we sure had a lot of love and laughter in-side these 4 walls. 

My brother Troy and his wife Lacey flew home from Romania  (he is working for Dome tech.and is stationed In Romania for about 1yr.) for 2 weeks to visit with family and see Troy's kids, so my little sister Talia and her family came to town to see him and they all stayed at my home this weekend.  It was sure fun to visit with all of them.  We watched movies, played games, ate lots of food, told stories and  barbecued steaks (they were yummy & juicy). My brother Travis celebrated his 40th birthday on Saturday, we tried calling him and he was gone to work, we were going to let him know we were not able to celebrate with him (cause he lives in Arizona) but we were defiantly celebrating his birthday eating steaks, and thinking of him. 

Any ways we had a fun weekend, and we were so happy to be able to see Troy, Lacey, Talia and Matt. On Sunday Dad and Chris had everyone over for dinner and to give Troy and Lacey their Christmas present's.  Again yummy food!  Saturday our neighbors officially moved to Idaho Falls.  We feel so bad we were unable to help, do to all of our company but we do love them dearly and will miss them.  So all of you that are just dying to move to Firth, the house across the street is for sale, I know all of you would love to be neighbors with the Chapman's! haha!
I love a house full of giggles and love!