Thursday, December 25, 2008

Family party

This year the family party was at Thayne's home again. Thayne and Tricia planned everything and it was so much fun. We missed Troy and Lacey, and Travis, Jennifer and their family this year.  Todd and his family finally made it after a 6 hr. drive from Salt Lake City.  They were 1 hr. behind a 37 car pile up and stuck in traffic.  Todd told us he went 3 miles in 1 hr.  They missed all the games but we were so glad they made it and safely. Grandma and Grandpa gave all of the boys a blanket made by grandma some got their favorite sports team or animals, the girls grandpa drew them all a precious moments picture and the little ones also got an apron made by grandma.  The adults got a Greg Olsen picture of the savior.  It was a nice Christmas for everyone.  We played the bubble gum game to see what team could unwrap the gum and blow the first bubble. We played a matching game that Blake won, we played name that tune, witch the men beat the women ( they were all christmas songs) and the white elephant game.  All of them were very fun. Thanks Tricia for all you hard work and yummy food.  This year as a family we raised money at our family reunion and took all the money to help a family in need in the area.  We provided a Christmas dinner along with gifts for all the kids and the parents.  Dad and Chris put in a little extra as well.  I hope everyone had a good time and a Merry Christmas.

Potter family christmas party