Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween is always a pain for me.  I am just not into it.  Lucky for me, my boys took after me.  They have never been into dressing up and all that jazz.  The only thing I do is  wear Halloween earings (that I got from my mom) every day until Halloween.  And that I love.  Well this year Kiel dressed up for his school parade and that was it.  He decided to be a clown ( that actually fits his personality to the "T"). At Kiel's school they have a Halloween parade at 2:45 that kicks off their party.  Parents are invited to come and enjoy the parade.  They line the hallways with chairs on both sides and in the gum, at let me tell you it is the event of the season.  Everyone comes out to see these kids dressed up. 
None of Jordan's friends dressed up so he said he didn't want to either. And neither of them wanted to go Trick or Treating so we let a friend come over and they watched movies and had pizza while Blake and I had a date out to dinner and browsing for christmas ideas.  It was a nice date for all of us. However we did miss the Halloween party at grandma and grandpa Potters home this year, they decided not to have it or they didn't have time, we have a lot of fun at that party.  So we look forward to it next year.

Fall is in the air.....

Wow how time flies anymore.  Football is now over, thank goodness!  No it was a lot of fun.  This was Jordan's 1st year on the school team and he loved it.  He tried a new position this year, he played wide receiver and said it was okay.  His coach is not a passing coach so Jordan hardly had any passes thrown to him but he had fun he says.  He had to travel to some far schools.  He traveled to Salmon, and Teton in one week, they are both over 3 hrs away and on a school night.  That week was hard on him but nice to get it over with in one week.
Kiel also played football this year and his 1st year playing tackle,  very different for him and not so sure about it.  He did not have a fair year or coaches but next year will be different so we called this year a learning experience for him and for us.  He played the line and on the special kickoff teams.
 Now with football over we are looking forward to basketball and practicing a lot.