Friday, June 12, 2009

I think I will keep him around for a while :)

The other day just out of the blue Jordan came up to me and gave me a hug.  I would have fallen over if he were not hugging me and holding me up at the same time.  It just seems that since he turned 13 he does not like to show affection much, and that is ok, I have given him his space but have still told him daily that I love him and appreciate him( even if some days he is not easy to love)  So for him to come give me hug MADE MY DAY.

Well on Wednesday this week, I already told you that i had a house full of boys all week.  I had to work everyday on so on Wednesday when i came home my house was a little unkept.  I could tell everything they ate, it was all over the table and counter.  So I called for all 4 boys to come to the kitchen and fast, so in they came i started by asking them what color I was?  They looked at me like I was stupid and answered white, so i said so why should i have to clean up your mess? How old are all of you?  they answered, and so it went.  Well Jordan just finally looked at me and said Mom are not feeling loved, do you need a hug?  I could not help myself from laughing, he gave me a big hug and said do you feel better?  Yes actually I do, I responded it's just what I needed.  But just between us, I think he needed it more then me!  ha ha. yah right! 

This is why i have kids, boys actually, it makes being a parent worth every thing we go through. I do have a feeling that it will get worse until about ---------- well heck his dad is 33 and still difficult so who knows.  jk