Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh how he makes me laugh!

Yesterday in the car on our way home from picking up my bountiful basket Kiel and I had a little conversation. This is how it went.

Mom- When we went by Grandma's house did you notice to see if her car was home?
Kiel- no I didn't, but today is Saturday so she should be home, nobody works on Saturday's.
Mom- yes people work on Saturday's
Kiel-They do? ( with a total disgusted look on his face)
Mom- yah, stores are open on Saturday's
Kiel- stupid boss', they should not make people work on Saturday, I mean it is the WEEKEND isn't it?
Kiel- well we get the weekend off from school, I am not going to grow up and work, that is just not right. You should have the weekend off to relax not to work. ( he is totally mad at this point and can not understand that people have to work on the weekends)

I was laughing at him the whole time, he was so funny from his facial expressions to his tone of voice. Funny Kid!


  1. We all say that until we want to go "shopping". Tell Kiel that's how I feel about holidays. Those people should be home eating turkey like everybody else! What a kid!

  2. Haha. That's pretty funny:) I work on the weekends...sorry to say someone has to keep the weekends running:) great post:)